When looking to buy a used car, it’s important to do your due diligence in learning about the vehicle as well as making sure to only work with a trusted dealer. Based in Elizabeth, NJ, Preferred Auto Sales Pre-owned Superstore has become known as the region’s most reliable used car dealer. Whether you’re in the market for used trucks or cars, you’ll be able to find a range of high quality options from Elizabeth’s top supplier of pre-owned cars. 

While it’s crucial to examine a used car you’re considering in close detail, you also want to make sure you ask the right questions. Here are three inquiries that will elicit key information about the vehicle. 

Has The Car Been Involved In A Collision?

With used cars, it’s always a good idea to be extra careful that you’re acquiring a safe vehicle. If the car has experienced a collision, follow up with a question about what repairs were done and what shop performed them. In the event that a major restoration was needed, you may want to consider another vehicle. 

What Is The Mileage?

Even if a car doesn’t look so used, its mileage always tells a more accurate story. Having a high mileage is by no means a disqualifying factor, but it is a useful context clue to help you evaluate whether you’re getting a good deal. 

What Is The Equipment On The Car? 

Having the staff member on hand run through the car’s equipment is a good way to learn more about the condition of the vehicle. As the different auto parts are listed, feel free to chime in and double check that they’re in good working order. With an honest used car dealer like Preferred Auto Sales Pre-owned Superstore, the staff will always be aboveboard about providing accurate information. 

As you begin your search for a great used car, it’s wise to start with the selection at Preferred Auto Sales Pre-owned Superstore. Feel free to call the friendly staff to begin discussing your needs. You can also look through the available inventory on the dealer’s website.